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About this web application

The framed panes behave like windows. Click and drag to move them. Shift-click and drag to resize them, or use the drag handle in the lower right corner. The "windows" will remember their positions (though not yet on the inventory pages). If you mess up your screen totally and can't restore it, click here to

The web shop

Go to the "Articles" page to search articles. Click on a line to see article details. Via the "Orders" page, you can also find articles you have bought before.

Click "Buy" to put an article in the shopping cart. You can click "Buy" several times to increment number of items in the shopping cart. You can also change the ordered quantity field on the checkout page.

When you have the articles you want in the Shopping cart, click "Proceed to Checkout". You can change the number of ordered items on each line. Tab out of the changed field to see the sum change. To delete an order line, set the number of items to 0. When ready, place and confirm the order.

The inventory control system

The inventory control system is inactive until you activate it on the Setup page. There, you can select which articles you want to manage. Select some articles, set a reorder point and a reorder size. Then register an inventory transaction each time you take, add, or count inventories. The system will then automatically fill the shopping cart with articles where you have too few in stock.

The batchwise inventory count simply takes as input a number of lines consisting of article number, one or more blanks, and inventory count. When submitting the batch, each article's inventory count is entered in the database.

The inventory page can be entirely controlled using a specially prepared barcode scanner - you hardly need to touch keyboard and mouse, ever. You can get such a scanner via SVEA machines / SMV. You can also program your own scanner: To interact with the inventory page, it must send a ctrl-Q before data, and CR+LF automatically after each scan. This is how the web page recognizes the barcode scanner. It must be set up to read Interleaved 2 of 5, and Code39 barcodes.

When using a barcode scanner, download and print the Barcode Command Sheet! Using the Command Sheet, you can control the Inventory page without using the mouse/keyboard.

Good luck!